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As many of you know, we've contracted with an external firm to provide us with guidance, designed to strengthen and sharpen our tactical recruiting strategies.   We will be hosting two consultants from SEM Works on our campus for three full days (Monday, May 6th - Wednesday, May 8th).  Dr. James Black and Mr. Jay Goff, will be meeting with several of you.
May 2019

Dear Colleagues,

April 2019

Almost 6700 admitted students received a cleverly designed financial literacy video attached to their financial aid award notice followed by a hard copy letter of congratulations and encouragement.  The video can be accessed at ... early award notice to our students serves as an effective yield activity.

April 2019

Over 250 admitted students will be traveling to HSU, spending two days/nights during the weekends of 3/29-30 and 4/5-6.  These mostly Pell eligible students from predominantly under represented populations are riding buses from LA and the Bay area and will be hosted on campus by current HSU resident students. 

March 2019

A new committee called the “Enrollment Management Implementation Team” (EMIT) has been established to provide oversight by a broadly representative group of campus stakeholders.

March 2019

We are pleased to share an update on the HSU student recruitment activities connected to implementation of HSU’s Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) Plan.  Considerable effort is underway to address the objectives connected to Goals 1 and 2 of the plan.

Highlights of activities include the following:

January 2019

We are pleased to announce that after 10 months of effort on the part of numerous individuals and units across campus, a new HSU Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan is complete and ready for implementation. This plan will guide efforts in coming years to help HSU students succeed academically and graduate in a timely way. It will also enhance our efforts to attract new students, establish a sustainable level of enrollment, and meet our Graduation Initiative 2025 goals.

August 2018

A presentation which outlines findings from the past five years of our annual fall survey of first-year students. Managed through our early-alert system, MapWorks, this survey provides valuable insight into the experiences of our first-year students.

Find the presentation here

March 2018

Notes from the recruitment council meeting on February 13th, 2018 are now available. Click here to read the notes.

February 2018

The retention council report on current progress and next steps is now available. Click here to read more about current status on goals, strategies and tactics.

February 2018