Strategic Enrollment Management Plan now Available

We are pleased to announce that after 10 months of effort on the part of numerous individuals and units across campus, a new HSU Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan is complete and ready for implementation. This plan will guide efforts in coming years to help HSU students succeed academically and graduate in a timely way. It will also enhance our efforts to attract new students, establish a sustainable level of enrollment, and meet our Graduation Initiative 2025 goals.

The SEM Plan development included input from three committees comprised of students, faculty, staff, and administrators. A committee called the “Student Success Alliance” guided and integrated specific planning done by the “Retention Council” and the “Recruitment Council.”  HSU campus analysts and researchers supported the effort. We are grateful for the expertise and energy that so many people brought to this process, and proud of our University community’s clear commitment to students. 

Download the full plan

The Strategic Enrollment Management plan includes six key outcomes related to: (i) increasing interest and awareness among new applicants, (ii) increasing the number of admitted students choosing to enroll at HSU, (iii) addressing basic needs support, (iv) enhancing advising and academic support, (v) elevating support for transfer students, and (vi) elevating support for freshmen. A series of 27 objectives describe how HSU will accomplish these six key outcomes.

This plan represents a strong start for building upon numerous efforts that are already underway. However, a great deal of work lies ahead. It will take several years of sustained effort to improve retention and recruitment and reverse the recent enrollment decline. Moving forward, we need to remain focused on the importance of campus-wide commitment to SEM, and ensure that student success is always central to everything we do.

More information is available at the Strategic Enrollment Management planning website