Latest Updates

Dear Colleagues,

Work on a new Strategic Enrollment Management Plan is moving along quickly, and we expect to have a plan circulated for feedback by mid to late April. I am writing to update you about some of the work being done. More information about the planning process is available here.

Below are some updates about our progress:

Humboldt State University is developing a new five year strategic enrollment management (SEM) plan. This plan will guide the recruitment and retention efforts at HSU as we build change for equity.  




Kick-off and Goal Setting: December 2017 - January 2018

Strategies and Tactics: February - March 2018

Presentation of SEM Plan: April 2018


“Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) is a comprehensive process designed to help an institution achieve and maintain the optimum recruitment, retention, and graduation rates of students where ‘optimum’ is defined within the academic context of the institution. As such, SEM is an institution-wide process that embraces virtually every aspect of an institution’s function and culture.” (Michael Dolence, 1993.)